1991 MR M-110A2 8in Self Propelled Howitzer Howitzer


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Item Description

Grading Standard: Modern Reproduction Real-Photo Size: 10 by 8 inches Other Notes: A right rear view of an M-110A2 self-propelled 8-inch howitzer. Camera Operator: LOU RIVERA Date Shot: 23 Oct 1991.

This digital photograph has been sent to Professional Photographic Developers to ensure maximum quality. It is on glossy photographic paper. Note that in some instances small amounts of the image-edge may be missing in the actual print.


Photo Grading Standards and Terms Used

1st Generation: This is a photo manufactured near the time when the image was created. Most often from the original negative but not always. Except for VELOX and CROWN paper plus a few others, the film company name does not appear on the back of the paper except in the case of more recent photos. News Agency and Official photos fall into this category automatically. Vintage: These are items of great age but I am unable to date them with precision. An example would be a WWI photo manufactured in 1920-30s or a WWII photo manufactured in the 1950-70s. These are normally very fine collectables and well
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