1991 Topps Desert Shield Baseball Cards, Lot of 50 (w/Ryan)

I received two boxes of 1991 Topps Desert Shield baseballcards upon my return from the Gulf in May of 91. I unwrapped all of the waxpacks and put the cards in plastic pages in a notebook. They've been there eversince, most of the time in a closet at my Mom's. These fifty cards have hardlybeen handled. I did remove them to different plastic pages recently to break upmy set. I have scanned Ryan up-close, but please pick a random card if you'dlike me to scan it so you can see what kind of shape they're in. I don't mind.All of them look like they just came out of the wax packs and there are no gumstains or anything remotely like that. Below, find the full inventory of thesefifty...and again, please feel free to ask any questions or e-mail specificrequests. Thanks.

3 Carlton Fisk, 6 Nolan Ryan, 8 Bobby Thigpen, 20 PedroGuerrero, 33 Barry Jones, 68 Gary Sheffield, 104 Don Robinson, 119 CarlNichols, 135 Jerome Walton, 160 Vince Coleman, 168 John Olerud, 183 ClayParker, 196 Jim Vatcher, 209 Ken Howell, 226 Alfredo Griffin, 246 KevinWickander, 256 Greg Hibbard, 274 Ken Williams, 275 Alan Trammell, 286 KenOberkfell, 303 Mike Boddicker, 316 Gene Nelson, 327 Ron Hassey, 332 KennyRogers, 352 Frank White, 359 Chuck Cary, 378 Wilson Alvarez, 405 Doug Drabek,422 Rick Reuschel, 443 Jeff Innis, 458 Brian Holman, 480 Dave Magadan, 496Marty
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