1991Ertl Farm Country Farmstead 247 pc. Set. House, Cattle and Hog Shed 1/64

1991 Ertl Farm Country 1/64 Farmstead 247 Piece. Set. Buildings: House, Cattle Shed and Hog Shed, Grain Bin. Accessories: pickup, tube gate, board fence, picket fence, hog tight fence, feed & seed sacks, square bales, farm figures, round bales, round bale feeders, cattle automated waterers, saw horses, hog feeders, hay bunk, stock tank, cattle trough, hog trough, gliding swings, swing set, dinner bell, mail box on post, picnic table, signs. Animals: cows, calves, hogs, piglets, dog, ducks, horse, colt, hen/rooster. I threw in 2 anhydrous ammonia tanks.