1992 ARDLEIGH ELLIOT Music Box - EDELWEISS - Sound of Music - Limited Edition

Limited Edition
No. 304A
Ardleigh Elliot
The Company Of Note
The "Edelweiss" Music Box
The Sound of Music Collection
Incredibly charming detail!
This delightful music box stands 2 inches high, 3 inches long and is 3 inches wide.
Lined in olive green velvet, it plays wonderfully.
No nicks, chips, cracks, scratches or crazing.
It comes with it's original Statement of Appraisal
Certificate of Issuance and Specifications
Return Information Card and the original red envelope.
All is tucked in the original styrofoam holder which has some writing on it and shows shelf wear.
Please enlarge the pictures and enjoy!
All questions happily answered!
Fill your collection while you can!
I purchased these from an estate sale of the artist himself Michael Hampshire - I have 20 other music boxes from the same lot of various sound of music scenes.. I also have the original 1st proofs and rejected proofs which I will adding to ebay later on - check my other auctions for other music boxes I'll be adding shortly.

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