1992 Coca-Cola Town Square Thirsty the Snowman - No box

Coca-Cola Town Square Thirsty the Snowman - 7950 Issued 1992 Retired 1993 Made by: Cavanagh

The original box/packaging is no longer with this item.

The bottom of the piece has a printed stamp marked Coca-Cola Town Square Collection Issue 1992, and it still has the “Made in China ” sticker. This is new and unused but a tiny bit dusty from moving around in storage – easily cleaned away with care. The underside is slightly scuffed from being stored without packaging, and there are a number of very tiny dings to the paint here and there but are farily unnoticeable and can be easily restored with a touch of paint. It looks like there may be a couple of tiny chips on the base where it looks like "snow" but these may be part of the actual mold.

This item measures approximately: 2.5” wide x 3” tall x 1.5” wide (3.0 oz )

All Coca-Cola Town Square items were purchased at an estate sale from a smoker. All items where stored in the garage in boxes away from the smoke and were never used. While we personally can not detect any scent of smoke, there may be a faint lingering smell on some items, and we wanted to be sure to disclose this information to our buyers. We NEVER purchase items from smoking households, but because of the way these items were stored away from the smoke, and because we can’t smell any smoke, we
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