1992 Ms Resaca Beach 10oz No Logo Bottle Not Coca-Cola

Thanks for looking at my item. I have a large personal collection of commemorative Coke Bottles that I am listing on eBay for sale.

This 10 oz. tall 1992 Miss Resaca Beach Billy Ray Cyrus No Logo commemorative bottle does not have the Coca-Cola logo on the neck of the bottle but it does have a Coke cap. It looks like the regular commemorative bottle minus the Coke logo. On the front of the bottle, the neck has "Victory Carpet Corporation", the center of the bottle has "1992 Miss Resaca Beach", North Georgia's Gateway to the Gulf. The back of the bottle on the neck has 10th Annual; the rest of the bottle has a picture of Billy Ray Cyrus with his name under his picture. It is interesting to note that the 1983 winner was Marla Maples. The bottle is in excellent condition.

Included is the Certificate of Authenticity that states: "This certificate certified that Miss Resaca Beach - Billy Ray Cyrus commemorative bottles were produced by C & L Commemorative. Certificate number should correspond with the number on bottle. Georgia Notary Public Seal guarantees by law the amount of certificates and bottles produced." The #638 is located on the side of the bottle near the bottom. Also included is a Billy Ray Cyrus baseball cap that was personally obtained from Billy Ray Cyrus at his concert in Perry, GA.

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