1992 Prestige Silver Proof Set

Beginning in 1983 and continuing through 1997 the U.S. Mint made these "Prestige" proof sets, as well as the Premier Sets, in very limited numbers. Some these sets have been broken up to obtain single coins by collectors reducing the already scarce number that survive intact and original. As the name prestige was meant to denote, everything about these sets from the quality of minting, the scarcity made, and the containers themselves, make these sets, The Prestige Proof Sets, of each year these prestige sets were issued. The sets are housed in a plush velvet like lined book about 1" thick. The coins themselves are mirror like finish. Absolutly a beautiful addition to any collector of the best coins, available on the market today. Look at the close up photo's and you determine the value. If you see any marks on the coins, it is on the plastic container, not on the coin. Good Luck!!!!!