1992 Stadium Club Beam Team Michael Jordan, + 8 others

A Total of 9 Michael Jordan Cards in Fabulous Condition, All right out of packs and into cases, and they haven't been out since.

1992 Beam Team Card is #1 of 21 insert cards that year. It has a bright reflective finish and is a great phot of Jordan Dunking Over Danny Ainge!!! Beautiful, Beautiful Condition!!!

(2) 1994 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Skylights #466 Crisp and clean Cards in Fabulous Condition. A Great Picture of Jordan over the city of Chicago.

(4) 1992/1993 Stadium Club "Members Choice" Topps Cards. again these are in perfect condition...

(1) Upper Deck 1992 Mr. June Card MJ6, this card has a book value of $15, and is a beautiful card with no flaws!!!

(1) Head 2 Head insert card of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan 1996-1997 Hoops. Odds of finding one of this set was 1 in 24 packs. A nice card that is difficult to find!

Own them ALL NOW. Amazing Condition on all of these cards. The Greatest player of all time will always be in demand.