1992 Wild Card Premier World League Football cards box

Welcome! Please click H ER E to visit my shop, or H ER E to visit my eBay store, presently being stocked! If, with this or any of my items, t is a blue line in the scanned image, disregard it, as it exists only in the demented mind of my scanner. It's never been the same after that day I spilled a Vodka Collins on it. Also, any fingers shown in the scan of the item are NOT included as part of the sale. (; This auction is for one box of 1992 Wild Card Premier Edition World League Football Cards in a sealed box. This box is part of the stock of a trading card store which closed in the mid '90's. I'm sorry, but I'm no card expert, and can't tell you who is in the box, what the odds are of getting any certain card, etc. You might be able to find that information with a good Google search. Box is still factory sealed.

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