1993 FLAMES OF LOVE D'AMOUR House Of Erte Sevenarts 7 Art Deco Franklin Elegance

1993 FLAMES OF LOVE/Flames D'Amour - Firey Art Deco 'Elegance Of Erte' Series Plate by the Franklin Mint/Sevenarts Ltd. Plate measures just a bit over 8 inches across. 45 DAYS FIRING. OP $42, comes with original foam shipping carton, certificate of authenticity, & stand. 6 in 1ST series. Ad shows 5 others. If you need them or those in the 2nd series, just let me know. I know of @ least 12 total. Discout if you buy more than 1. 12 others on this site, plus we can find most others by Erte - let us know your needs. God Bless America.