1993 Star Trek TNG Playmates 2nd Series w/cards Complete set of 23 MIP 6070 Nice

This is a Star Trek - The Next Generation - Series 2 complete set of 22 action figures with Skybox Collector Cards from Playmates Toys 1993. All are in very nice shape and still sealed with clear bubbles. You get -
Assort. No. 6070 The Next Generation 1993 Series 2
Stock No. 6019 Dr. Beverly Crusher
Stock No. 6020 Guinan
Stock No. 6021 Cadet Wesley Crusher
Stock No. 6022 Lore
Stock No. 6023 Locutus (Captain Jean-Luc Picard as Locutus of Borg)
Stock No. 6024 Klingon Warrior Worf
Stock No. 6026 Lt. Cmdr. LaForge in Dress Uniform
Stock No. 6027 Ambassador Spock
Stock No. 6028 Admiral McCoy
Stock No. 6029 Captain Scott
Stock No. 6056 Commander Sela
Stock No. 6057 Mordock the Benzite
Stock No. 6058 Q in Starfleet Uniform
Stock No. 6059 Ambassador K'Ehleyr
Stock No. 6060 Dathon
Stock No. 6061 Vorgon
Stock No. 6071 Captain Jean-Luc Picard in first season uniform
Stock No. 6072 Lieutenant Commander Data in first season uniform
Stock No. 6073 Lieutenant (JG) Worf in first season (red) uniform
Stock No. 6074 Commander William Riker in first season uniform
Stock No. 6075 Lieutenant (JG) Geordi LaForge in first season (red) uniform
Stock No. 6076 Counselor Deanna Troi 2nd Season Uniform (red outfit)
Stock No. 6077 Borg with chrome arm
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