1993 Topps wax box 36 packs series 1 Jeter rookie GOLD possible sealed

Hello...this auction is for a box of 36 packs of 1993 Topps Series 1 baseball cards. These are still in the original factory box with cellophane on it. The outer cellophane has started to become undone on one side (as shown), but really doesn't matter, as it contains the original 36 packs from the factory. You have a chance of getting a Derek Jeter rookie GOLD card, which could possibly end up getting graded a 10. Since these are SERIES 1, you have a much better chance of getting a Jeter here than you would in a Series 2 box, as Series 2 sort-of waters down your odds when you factor in all of the high-# cards. A Gold PSA 10 Jeter can be found for around $300. And being that the only cards in these packs are Series 1, you may even get a few Jeter rookies.
(the second picture I have included is a side shot of the box showing where the cellophane is peeling back, not an issue, just wanted you to know!)
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