1994 Power Rangers Thunderzord Assault Team Set with original box 2262 (used)

Up for auction is a 1994 BanDai Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) Thunderzord Assault Team. The Assault Team is made up of four "powerful zords" that link up with the Red Dragonzord, the White Tigerzord, and Tor the Shuttlezord (MMPR's second generation of zords).

Of note, this set is missing a few pieces that I'm aware of. The pink and yellow miniature Power Rangers and the pink, yellow, blue, and black power crystals - if you're unfamiliar with these items they are pretty useless they are about 1" tall and aren't necessary for any combination with other zords. Also missing is one wing tip and one leg for the pink ranger's firebird Thunderzord. The helmet is included; however, its missing the ornamental top crest. The sword is also missing, but the sword's sheath is included.

The box and styrofoam are in pretty good shape with some worn ends and a small tear in the upper right corner on the front.