1995 Conlon Color #43 ~ HONUS WAGNER, Pittsburg Pirates

Offered for your consideration is...

Card #43 - HONUS WAGNER ~ Pittsburgh Pirates 1910, from the Conlon Collection Green Border Color set issued in 1995 by Megacards

Megacards, in cooperation with The Sporting News, issued thousands of baseball cards from the original glass negatives of Charles Martin Conlon from 1991 to 1995. The vast majority were black and white photographs surrounded by a black border.

The card offered is a colorized card with green border and was issued in far smaller quantities than most Conlon Collection cards. Although thought to be unreleased by Megacards, these cards were in fact issued late in 1995 for a very brief time as inserts in 9-pocket collector pages - at the rate of one card per package of sheets.

Near-Mint to Mint condition. A-2

Note : A generic reverse of another Green Border Color card is provided for informational purposes.



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