1995 Electronic Talking Mystery Mansion Parker Brothers - 100% Complete - Works

1995 Electronic talking 'Mystery Mansion' board game by Parker Brothers
100% Complete - Works great
This vintage/awesome board game is perfect for family fun night or retro game night with friends.
All of the pieces are included as are the original directions.
The pieces and game board are in very good condition as is the talking organizer that helps you solve the crimes. The battery case is clean and without corrosion.
The box is overall in good condition; however the top of the box has a split corner thats extends about 3" along one edge - see picture.
I played this game with my family (two kids ages 9 and 14) and we got a kick out of it - it really takes some creative sleuthing to win.
Please see pictures as they are of the actual item you are buying.
Let me know if you have any questions.