1995 Flair Marvel Annual Base Set with ALL 4 Insert Sets COMPLETE Holoblast

This is for the 1995 Flair Marvel Annual Base Set with ALL 4 Insert Sets FULLY COMPLETE! See list below for what is included. The cards have been opened and stored in a smoke free home. I have them stored in a 300 count box. All cards in perfect condition. Each of these Insert Sets sell separately for over 50 dollars a piece. This is your chance to get them all in 1 auction!
I will ship worldwide. Statue in shipping box weighs 3 pounds. Shipping will be 8.95 dollars for US. For world wide, I will ONLY ship USPS Priority International. Shipping will be decided based on location. I will do FREE SHIPPING if you use BUY IT NOW! This is for both US and world wide!
Here is a list of all cards included in auction:

No. Title (Front) Title (Back) 1 Jean Grey The Wedding of Scott & Jean 2 Nightcrawler Nightcrawler's Mother Revealed 3 Psylocke The Story of Revanche 4 Gambit Gambit vs. Sabretooth 5 Storm The Phalanx Attack! 6 Iceman An Early Frost 7 Colossus The Trial of Colossus 8 Beast Into Sinister's Lair 9 Cyclops The Return of Cyclops & Phoenix 10 Sabretooth Sabretooth Helps the X-Men 11 Synch To Save Generation X 12 Emma Frost Generation X Escapes 13 Jubilee Jubilee Joins Generation X 14 Skin The Mutant Called Skin 15 Legion Legion Awakens 16 X-Treme X-Treme Saves the Day 17 Cable The True Son 18 Omega Red Tentacles

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