1995 World Series Team signed Baseball Atlanta Braves

this is an estate sale find. belonged to a 80 something year old woman that attended all the Atlanta Brave games.
I really didn't know anything about it until I started doing some research. I found out that it is from the 1995 World Series, an odd numbered year because of the omission of the the 1994 world series.
ball is enclosed in a plastic sphere. and on a plastic stand with Braves name and logo on it.
I tried counting the signatures, looks like 26 but I could be off a few. I think these are probably facsimile signatures but I am not sure. all are black and look like signed with a sharpie. regardless, this would be a nice collectable because of the year of the ball due to not having a 1994 game.
Here's some of the names that I could make out:
Charlie O'Brien David Justice chipper J Bob Cox Tom Glavine Fred McGriff Dwight Smith Marguis Grisoom John Smolty Rod Nichols Louis Palma and more.