1997 Jimmie Johnson SODA Champion Glen Helen Cal Event Poster NICE rare NASCAR

You are buying a #888 Herzog Motorsports Jimmie Johnson Off Road post- 96 SODA Champion #888 Chevy professional mounted Glen Helen Cal Winter Series event poster PRE ASA / NASCAR....RARE.

This was a event announcement item, that was taken and professional prepped and mounted by Herzog, for the #888 SODA team ONLY. When this item is gone, this part of history will only remain only in the 5 team members collectors inventory.

This item is 18" x 24" on a professionally edged 3/8" wood mount. Even router'd for a wall mount slot.

Jimmie has won this event in his 1996 presence at this event. henceforth their use of his picture promoting the 1997 event.

The unique thing about this picture on the event promo is, that in the 1996 win, Jimmie's dominance was so great, that if you look close, you can see that the right rear tire on the truck is flat.

Truly an amazing run.


Virgin poster was used, stored after production. SWEET piece.

Prior to this ebay listing, this item has never before offered for sale.

Complete your JJ collection.

Don't miss out on this wonderful piece of Jimmie Johnson memorabilia from my personal collection!

This event poster mount is almost 20 years old..... Like new!

Stored in my Non-Smoking home.
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