1997 G I Joe 3 pk ERROR 2 Destros Very rare error

1997 G I Joe 3 pk ERROR 2 Destros Very rare error

G. I. Joe

15 th Anniversary

3 pack Destro, The Baroness and Cobra Commander

Error pack - Has two Destros in the packaging.

Very cool error. Hard to find. Only ever seem one like this. Card is Mint. Bubble clear, Package has minor blister pop at bottom edge. Was that way when I bought it at toys r us. This was an manufacturers error, no tampering posible.

I bought this from my local Toys r us in 1997 I have had it in my collection ever since. I am currently thining out my collection as well as my store inventory. This one you won't find again. Don't miss out.

I also have a 3 pk that is not an error. Just the standard, on my other auctions.

I included a picture of the two side by side so you can see the mistake.

I have collected errors for years. out of a thousand figures you may find one true error. Not miss worded or misspelled packaging, but true errors. Wrong figures in packages, cards upside down, two left feet. unpainted heads or body parts, etc.

If you collect error you know how rare one like this is. This is not a resealed package. I guarantee it.

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