1998 Kuala Lumpur XVI Commonwealth Games Coins/Medallions Malaysia Airlines

This is a set of 15 uncirculated commemorative coins that were struck for the XVI Commonwealth Games held in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia,in 1998. Each coin depicts a different sport on one side with a common obverse, which is the KL's games' logo. There's also a medallion for Malaysia Airlines.
The coins are apparently silver-plated and still have their full original shine with no sign of discoloration, aging, or corrosion. They are sealed in a plastic display case that is in excellent condition. A stand and a flyer explaining the coins are also included, along with all original packaging. This is a veryscarcecollectable set that was not sold publicly. It was given to me when I flew Golden Club (Business) Class to KL in 1998 and has been stored in a drawer (in my non-smoking home) ever since.
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