1998 Peyton Manning Prestige Hobby NATIONAL CONVENTION!


So here's the deal:

You are bidding on a 1998 Peyton Manning Playoff Prestige hobby rookie #165. The unique thing about this card is it is stamped "Playoff 19th National Chicago" in the lower right corner. Now check it out - I check ebay every single day and look at every single Peyton Manning card that goes up for sale (crazy, right?) I have been doing this for years and I have NEVER EVER ONCE seen this card for sale on ebay. I can't even find a similar card of another player, letting alone a Peyton rookie. I checked the Beckett Grading roster and so far ZERO have been graded by Beckett. I googled it, checked other places on-line and can find NOTHING. I have owned pretty much every Peyton Manning rookie card in existence at one point or another including all the high-end Auto's but had never even seen this one until last week when I bought a lot of Peyton's from a guy and this was in it. I thought it was just the regular Prestige Hobby until I took a closer look.

Obviously, it is from the 1998 sports card convention where they issue promo cards. These have become more common these days with guys like Sam Bradford having cards issued at the convention but I have never seen one of Peyton before. The card looks exactly like the hobby version but just has the stamp.

It is mint with four
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