1999 1/10 oz 3.131 Grams 999.9 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

1999 --- 1/10oz --- 3.131 Grams --- 999.9 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin in circulated condition.
1/10th oz. Gold Maple Leaf Size - 18 mm in diameter (about the size of a US dime)
TheGold Maple Leaf was launched in 1979 and is produced by the RoyalCanadian Mint. The Gold Maple Leaf is the purest gold bullion coin in the world - .9999 fine gold.
The Government of Canada produces the Gold Maple Leaf and guarantees its gold content and purity. The nice thing about Maple Leaf gold coins is that Canada adds a little extra (fraction) in their coins to guarantee the weight.
The Gold Maple Leaf is LEGAL TENDER in a country well-known for its stability, independence, and freedom. One of the most widely recognized investment coins in the world.
When paper money loses its value, gold and silver will always hold their value. The value of Gold never changes.... the price only fluctuates in relation to paper currency. Buying Gold today lets you lock in the value of your dollars before inflation (caused by excessive printing of money) reduces their purchasing power. The same amount of basic necessities that could be purchased 1,000 years ago with an ounce of GOLD can be purchased today with an ounce of GOLD. However, 30 years ago Gold was $35 an ounce and today it is nearly $900 an ounce. In hard times, every country in the
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