1999 $20 bill Federal Reserve Note *STAR* GEM Uncirculated "66" - FR-2086-B*

1999 $20 Federal Reserve Note *STAR NOTE* CGA 66 GEM

About This Note :

You are looking at a Series 1999 $20.00 Federal Reserve Note (FW), Serial # BB07185206*, signatures of Withrow/Summers, Friedberg # 2086-B*. This note has been graded GEM 66 by Currency Grading and Authentication, Inc., a third party independent grading company. This note has perfect margins, deep embossing, razor sharp corners, crisp paper, and great color. This note comes in the standard CGA plastic protective holder and will be packaged to ensure that the note is protected. Numerically sequential sister note with same CGA grade is also available (contact me if you want a special offer for both notes). See my other auctions for other STAR Notes. I also have notes from this block that have been graded CGA 67.

About Star Notes :

A Star Note is an American bank note that has a star (*) symbol after the serial number. Notes that contain an error or that don’t meet the minimum quality standard are caught by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and destroyed. In order to maintain the correct count of notes in a serial number run, a star note is inserted to replace the destroyed note. Needless to say, Star Notes are rare. Check all the money in your wallet – if one of them is a Star Note, you better go out and buy a lottery ticket!
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