1999-2008 US Mint Silver Proof Sets 50 State Quarters Boxes COA's Storage Box #2

This listing is for a Complete Collection (1999 through 2008) of United States Mint Silver Proof Sets with 50 State Quarters. These coins were struck at the San Francisco U. S. Mint and bear the “S” mint mark of that facility. Each set is sealed in a clear hard plastic case and comes in it’s original box with the original certificate of authenticity.

This collection contains a total of 109 coins. Each set contains a Lincoln Cent, a Jefferson Nickel, a Roosevelt Dime, a Kennedy Half-Dollar and a Sacagawea Dollar plus five State Quarters.

Set 1999 does not include a Sacagawea Dollar and has 9 coins; Sets 2000 through 2003 contain 10 coins; Sets 2004 & 2005 have 11 coins including two new Liberty Nickels; Set 2006 has 10 coins; Sets 2007 & 2008 have 14 coins including four Presidential Dollars.

The 50 State Quarters consist of: 1999 Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia & Connecticut; 2000 Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire & Virginia; 2001 New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont & Kentucky; 2002 Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana & Mississippi; 2003 Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri & Arkansas; 2004 Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa & Wisconsin; 2005 California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas & West Virginia; 2006 Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado,
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