1999 - 2008 State Quarter Rolls B/U, $13.00 - Your choice of Roll

I am selling all my quarter rolls that I have collected over the past 9 or more years. I have about a hundred rolls that I bought at auctions or estate sales and now need to recover my cost on these rolls. They were sold to me as Uncurculated and appear to be so. They are mostly unopened rolls in paper bank rolls, or N.F. String and Son wrappers (Red & White).I don't have any more in plastic wrap. Some rolls have been opened by the previous owners to determine what Mint or State the roll was and marked on the cover. Some are marked with pens or magic markers as these people didn't know anything about collecting coins. I will sell one or more rolls for $13.00 a roll, and charge accordingly for the shipping. One roll would be about $4.50 for First Class and two or more rolls would be about $6.00 for Priority mail. The higher priced rolls such as TN, GA, CT, IL, or CA are some of the states not included for this price, along with a few other states. The states that are for auction with this listing are: NJ, MAS, MD, SC, VA, NC, RI, VT, KY-P, OH, LA, IN, MI, FL, TX, IO, KS, WV, NV, CO, MT, ID, UT, and WY. You tell me what State roll you want and the mint P or D., and I will advise if I have the roll, or I will advise otherwise. I will not guarantee what ends you will receive as they are all mixed as H/H, H/T, or T/T. W ith Paypal ... read more