1999 Topps Season Opener Auto/Autograph Peyton Manning

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My time has come! I am forced to sell my ENTIRE collection. I have a mostly COMPLETE collection of Topps Football cards from 1955 through 2005 that I will be putting up. You may see the list of cards that will be coming up for auction.


I will still have quite a few cards in the store. Doubles, etc... You will see cards for sale that you never thought you'd see again...even some that you didn't even know existed. Autos, jerseys, full sets, insert sets...you name it! All the way back to the beginning! Check out the cards and then save me as a "favorite seller" so that you know when these things get listed. Don't miss it! You may never get another chance to see a collection like this again!

Cards are as described. Any photos that seem to show non-straight edges are because of the camera angle...or my lack of photographic abilities. ;-) All Autograph cards have the Topps Hologram on the back, or in the case of the earlier cards, are Topps Certified Autographs. No cards were personally signed or are from shows unless noted.

I will accept Cashier's Checks and Money Orders. ***NO PERSONAL CHECKS***. Paypal may be possible, but you will have to contact me first!!! Contact me I will ship to the US and Canada. Shipping to the US is as
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