19c ALBUMEN Photo-CHINA-Pedder Wharf-Hong Kong

Fresh from an estate of an avid collector...more unique items to come!
One real photograph (albumen) from China.
View looking south from Pedder Wharf to Pedder Street. Top of the street is the Clock Tower at the junction of Queen's Road. On the left is the Hong Kong Hotel (formerly Dent & Co.'s offices) and on the right is Jardine House.
"Pedder Wharf Hong Kong China" is written on the back.
The photographs that are being listed are from a long time collector t are some real superb ones. They appear to be between 1870 to 1900 from China - Hong King, Kowloon, Shanghai and unknown (more countries to come). I suspect that most are from earlier dates, not later. They were in albums at one time.
Details on the location of photo:
Pedder Wharf (1841 - 1890)
Pedder Street, viewed from the Wharf Served as the official wharf of the colonial establishment from 1841 to 1890s.
In February 1886, the first pile of the new Pedder's Wharf was driven in 38 feet (12 m) from the praya wall. "Three similar piles have been towed over from Tsim Sha Tsui and are ready to be put in place". The new wharf, located at the junction of Pedder Street and Des Voeux Road, extended 195 feet (59 m) out from the praya wall, and was 40 feet (12 m) wide. Six sets of steps lead down to the water.
Pedder Wharf
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