19th C. British Colonial Windsor Chair from Jamaica

Another Early 19th Century Antique British Colonial Mahogany Windsor Chair from the Island of Jamaica. This particular style of Windsor Chair is actually called a Captain's Chair in Jamaica. It also came from the 18th Century Harmony Hall Great House in Trelawny Parish and was orginally owned for over 150 years by the Dewar family, an old British Colonial family of Scottish descent who came to Jamaica in the 1790s. They were a Cadet Branch of the famous Dewar family of Perth, Scotland, the Owners and Distillers of Dewar's Scotch Whiskey, The Dewars were prominent Merchants in Jamaica during the Early 19th Century and lived at Richmond Hill Great House in the hills overlooking Montego Bay. Having made a fortune from importing Slaves from Africa and exporting Sugar and Rum to Britain, they intermarried with the Barretts and other prominent British Colonial planter families in Jamaica. In 1850 the Hon. Robert Dewar (1813-1861), Senior Partner in the firm of Dewar & Company in Montego Bay, purchased Harmony Hall Estate, a 1,500 acre sugar plantation in Trelawny Parish, and moved to take up residence in the 18th Century Great House t His sons later purchased and owned Pantrepant Estate, Windsor Estate, Stewart Castle Estate and several other sugar plantations in Trelawny Parish, but for more than 100 years Harmony Hall Estate

In 1951 the Dewar family finally sold Harmony Hall Estate to the 6th Marquess of Northampton, a wealthy English nobleman who had just come out to Jamaica and purchased Orange Valley Estate, a 3,000 acre plantation in the adjoining St. Ann Parish. The Marquess and his family lived in England most of the time, but spent the Winter Seasons in Jamaica every year. Following Lord Nothampton's death in 1978 his son succeeded to the title as the 7th Marquess of Northampton and inherited both the ancestral estates in England and the family plantations in Jamaica. Shortly after Lord Northampton decided to abandon the old 18th Century Harmony Hall Great House and build himself a new modern luxury villa about a mile away on a hill overlooking the sea. Most of the original 18th and 19th Century antique furniture from Harmony Hall Great House was sold at an Auction. This Early 19th Century Jamaican Windsor Arm Chair originally came from that Sale at Harmony Hall Great House in 1978. is a rare chance to buy a distinguished piece of British Colonial History from Old Jamaica.

Height: 29 inches

Width: 23.5 inches

Depth: 16 inches

West Indies Colonial Furniture from the 18th and 19th Centuries is extremely rare and is highly sought after by both Collectors and Dealers. T is No Reserve. May the Highest Bidder win. Best of luck.

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