19th c. Japanese Buddha Buddhist Gilt Bronze Trinity

19th c. Japanese Buddha Buddhist Gilt Bronze Trinity

Offered in this sale is an unusual Japanese gilt bronze Buddhist trinity of three incarnations of the Buddha, together in hardwood, fitted, silk lined case. The center figure appears to represent Amida, seated on a lotus throne, which fits into the top of a silk covered pedestal. The other two figures are of just slightly smaller size and are holding attributes specific to their identities. The crowned figure on the left holds a long scepter, and the figure on the right, which has a separate detachable cowl draped over its head (Quan Yin ?), holds a branch or palm frond. The three figures represent the three-fold nature of Buddha and were intended as devotional figures within this modified traveling "shrine". The front edge of the case has two grooves around the interior edge, one presumably for a glass panel, which would allow for worship while protecting the figures, the outer on a wood panel for protecting the trinity during travel. It is quite rare to find the three figures of this trinity still together after all these years.

Marks: Kanji pencil markings on the bottom of each silk covered pedestal, but no other marks.

Dimensions: The case measures 9" wide x 6" high x 2 1/2" deep. Height of central figure on its stand is 4".


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