19th Century Antique CHINESE MANCHU PLATFORM Horse Hoof SHOES; Bird Embroidery

We are offering a hard-to-find antique pair of 19th century lady's Manchu Chinese platform "horse hoof" shoes in a teeny-tiny size. These Qi'ing dynasty Chinese embroidered shoes are sometimes called chopines. They are made of a teal green and cream silk, linen, wood, and leather with delicate embroidery featuring birds and flowers.
The heel base is leather, nailed to the shoe, with oval shaped cut-outs exposing colored silk shapes. The interior is softly padded linen.
They are a small size, measuring 8" in total length and only 2 1/8" in width. The wooden base is 7" by 2" at its widest point, 1 3/4" at its narrowest point. The horse hoof heel is 2 1/4" at its widest, and 2 1/8" in length. The total height is about 3 3/4" from the base of the heel to the highest point of the shoe. A 1 3/4" leather strip decorates the back heel of the shoe. The pair weighs about 9 oz.
They are in good condition for their age, without any tearing or ripping of the silk. There is some darkening of the fabric from their extreme age, however.
The Manchu peoples did not subscribe to the custom of footbinding practiced widely throughout China. Manchu footwear, for both men and women, had its own peculiarities, however. Although the foot itself was not reshaped, the soles were elevated on platforms two to four inches high. Women's shoes,
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