19th Century Antique Karen Asian Bronze Rain Drum with Frog & Elephant

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As shown in the attached appraisal documents, this Karen rain drum ("elephant drum") appraised for $3500 in 1980. It's about 27 1/2" in diameter, 18" high to the surface, plus 1.5" higher including the 3 stacked frogs. A vertical line of 3D elephants can be seen on one side. Searching for "rain drum" here on eBay demonstrates that similar drums are asking comparable prices today. The appraisal claims that the drum dates to the 17th century, which is consistent with similar drums. Based on the available literature linked below, however, I would say that this is a Heger Type III drum, likely dating to 1820-1889.
The weight is about 30 pounds, as compared to later reproductions which are much heavier due to their different metal content: "To determine whether a drum is old or not, a good test is to try lifting it. If it is fairly easy to lift, the chances are that it could be an old one. Many new ones are very heavy and weigh up to from fifty to seventy pounds."
By comparison, here is the only other such drum I could find on eBay:
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