19th century primitive oil painting

Size of actual painting is approx 20" by 17"
A very unusual oil painting probably European (although I thought perhaps South America as well) that is painted in a primitive or naive manner and probably dates from 1800-1850 judging from the buildings, the style of clothing and the type of open cart that is in front of what looks like a government building.
There is a lot going on in this picture from the shepherd boy in the foreground tending the sheep, goats and cow, to the little figure of a child with what looks like a stick for a hula hoop in their hand. On the far right is a gent talking to a woman, and with his yellow trousers he is possibly a soldier, then there are other people milling around.
The artist who painted this obviously had an idea of scale as everything appears pretty much in proportion, and had captured the feel of a place around 200 years ago, to anyone who recognizes the area or country I would imagine this must have some nostalgic and historical value.
Condition: Reasonable condition, some light crackle that is not separating, and some chipping around the edges. I think it is canvas that has been laid down on some artists old board...which leads me to think it was at one time owned by an artist who decided to preserve this canvas on one of his old pictures.
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