19th Century Vinaigrette Samuel Pemberton Birmingham

I have been researching these vinaigrettes for a few weeks now & I hope I can describe them well enough to you. I have three of them listed. It is hard to take photos, close up! This one is 1 1/2" by 1" by a little over 1/4" wide. I am not sure of the age but anyw between 1773 & 1821? Inside the top cover t is a duty mark/SP/lion passant. Inside the bottom, t is an anchor/SP/11. Please let me know if I stated something in error as this is all new to me. I can send more info if you need it. I am listing these for a client of mine. (He doesn't know much about them to ask any questions as they belonged to his deceased wife.) I might consider sending to another country but I am hesitant unless you have high, 100% positive feedback. I don't believe in using a reserve. Good luck!