This is a watercolor beachscape by 19th century artist Hasson.

I have done a bit of research and

found another landscape by the same artist,

in the same format, (4" x 14" landscape)

and signed in the same way

was listed and sold by

Randall Antiques and Fine Arts.

They listed Hasson as a 19th century watercolor artist.

The frame is 12" x 20" and the actual painting is 4" x 14".

The 4" x 14" painting is mounted on a dark paper background

which was then mounted on a lighter paper background. It

isn't inside a mat.

The frame is a Victorian era design

with some damage to the corner

decoration on the frame.

The frame is sturdy. I replaced

the cardboard that was on the back for decades with

foam board. It is rigid and protects better.

I accept payment through PAYPAL only.

I ship within 3 days of receiving payment confirmation.