19thc Wagon Trail Collapsable Coffin Casket Stand

Simply aren't a lot of reasons that this would need to fold up like it does, wagon trail - pioneers, seems like the most likely bet. While it measures 45" long, 30" high and about 18" wide, the middle wooden support (I think this is oak, hard to tell - but a hardwood for sure) is joined in the center and has an iron hook/eye that latches to keep it sturdy. It folds up to the size of essentially one side, and a few inches thick. T are iron stays at each side along the bottom that connect up to the middle of the "X" on the end - for support. Well thought out, and very convenient I am sure. Please see photos - and email with any questions or if you'd like any other photos. Shipping is actual - via UPS, maybe USPS - feel free to email for an estimate. Id guess that $25.00 would get it anyw in the country. Thanks much for looking - its an exceptional piece, by far the oldest bier that I've ever handled.