From Estate in New England: Vintage & complete, gorgeous 19th Century Copper Measuring Set from England consisting of seven (7) matching "Haystack" style Farm Measures of heavy gauge copper from the late 1800s. All of these Copper Measures are pitcher style with leaded & dove-tailed side seams, and large pour spouts with matching lead cartouches on one side. The cartouche consists of the numeral "47" plus an illegible heraldic device just above.(See Photos) Additionally, all pitchers are clearly marked on center of front panel (under pour spout) with official "IMPERIAL" marking and the following measures stamped in: "Gallon" ... "1/2 Gallon" ... "Quart" ... "Pint" ... "1/2 Pint" ... "Gill" ... & "1/2 Gill" ... with all seven pieces having single side handles attached to the funnel-like pour spouts, and darkened, concave bottom panels inside rolled/crimped, leaded outer edges.(See Photos) This antique Copper Measuring Set is still in very good overall condition and shows NO unsightly dents, dings, cracks, holes, or other "problems" to the individual pieces, though the "Quart" sized Measure has had the bottom re-leaded at some point in time, and the "Gill" Measure has had the spout bent slightly downward as well. Usual insignificant dings & dents to surface from honest use long ago, of course! The copper handles appear ... read more