1lb Vietnam Era US Military Flechette Arrow Pins 950

1lb Vietnam Era US Military Flechette Arrow Pins

RARE Hardened Steel flechette darts used in 155 mm howitzer anti-personnel "beehive" rounds...also used in 40mm grenade launcher or loaded into shotgun shells . These RARE Hardened Steel 1" FLECHETTES "SATAN's TOOTHPICKS" or "PINS WITH FINS" were made popular in Vietnam where the foliage was thick and their aerodynamic design when fired from a rocket or "BEE-HIVE" artillery round inflicted massive casualty on the enemy. These flechettes are meant as collectors items for collectors of memorabilia from the VIETNAM era. This is a very unique set.

There are 950 +/- in a 1lb bag.

Darts may contain spots of rust that will in no shape or form hinder their use.


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Shipping is USPS. This Cannot be Shipped outside of the US …

Flechette's will be shipped in a plastic baggie inside of a bubble envelope. Big orders will be shipped in a USPS Priority box.

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Please know all laws and regulations in your area before possessing and using. EBAY and GUNSHOWGOODS are not responsible for misuse or interpretting the laws for you.

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