( 5 ) 1oz .999 OPM Ohio Precious Metals Silver Bars Bullion Sealed in AIR TITE

We are selling our entire stock of silver from our shop, have been in the business for 35+ years and it is time to sell all the precious metals to the collectors and preppers . Here I have (5) – 1 oz .999 pure silver OPM Ohio Precious Metals Bars, each bar will come with a free clear AIR TITE Container and also a receipt from our store. Every bar we own comes straight from the manufacture and put directly in the AIR TITE containers, never touched and look as good as they did right off the line. There is some dust or smudges on the containers as they have been in a vault for years.
Free Shipping to all lower 48 States!
You will ONLY GET 5 ounces, the photo is a stock photo and pictues all of our stock but you will recieve 5 ounces!!
I will only ship to the Lower 48 states, and will only use USPS Service unless a buyer request different within 12 hours of action end.
I hope all my customers enjoy the precious metal as much as I did, Thank You.