1st Edition Dolk Che Silkscreen by POW #524/750

Che #524 of 750
Original 1st Edition silkscreen print by Dolk, printed and released through POW (Posters on Walls).
This is a really fun image, and fantastic conversation starter. One of the first images I ever bought from POW, and remains to this day one of my favorites. Who knows why, but it's hard not to smile when you see that sh**-eating grin on Che's face. Even my mom loved it. To be fair, she's pretty cool.
Rather than tell you about the condition, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking. Check out the images:
The POW chop and pencil edition numbering . . .
4 Corners in great condition . . .
POW can't ship for s**t.
As any collector knows, it isn't a POW release if they don't do something interesting in shipping. like failing to provide enough edge-to-edge kraft paper to prevent contact when shipped overseas. Hence, incredibly minor soft-edge on one side. It took me six or seven shots to get this image--it is so minor that capturing a shadow is very hard--but it is there. The pic captures the total extent of it. Has been since the day I received it. Dora said they're replace it, but having done several print exchanges with POW in the past, it really just wasn't worth it . .
I will *not* be significantly discounting the piece due to this. It's impossible to see if you don'
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