1st Edition Solemn Strike Secret Rare x3 Playset Bosh-en079 GEM/MINT

x3 Card Playset. The Mighty Trifecta is finally here!
All 1st Edition.
All Just Pulled today from booster boxes. GEM/MINT!
All cards were usually just pulled from boxes and will come in GEM/MNT/NM Condition unless stated otherwise in the title.
If I didn't post any pics of the back of the card/cards, rest assured, that means it is fine. It's just very time consuming.
All cards come sleeved and in hard plastic cases.
Shipped in bubble padded envelope.
Same day shipping/1 day handling time.
If being charged for shipping,
Shipping Costs: USPS Standard 2-6 day w/tracking $2.54. & $0.50 for the bubble mailer.
Thank you all and