1st Gen Masahiro Highlander Katana Sword (Duncan), Functional and Battle Ready

He has walked the streets for 400 years, immortal and ready to face any danger. When confronted with another of his kind he takes their head, and with it, their power. He is... the Highlander.
...And this is his sword. The Masahiro 1st Generation Highlander is not an officially licensed Highlander product, but it is a functional and battle ready Dragon Head Katana similar to the one used by Duncan Macleod in the Highlander television series and movies. This sword is new and in the box. Don't be fooled! This is NOT the cheap stainless steel "wallhanger" version or the medium carbon steel version you see for the same price or less. This sword is hand forged 1045 High Carbon Steel, and is a real and functional sword. The blade is similar to the United Cutlery Highlander sword, but this sword is a fraction of the price! It handles great, is razor sharp and looks beautiful. Check out my Video Review of this sword. See it in action with some light test cutting of water bottles that I did with my own one of these here . Or read my detailed written review here .
Sword manufacturer's spec's listed below.

Model: C-41HM
Overall Length: 41 1/2''
Blade: 28 1/4''
Weight: 2 lb 1.2 oz
P.O.B.: 5 3/8''
Thickness: 6.7 mm - 5.1 mm
Width: 32.1 mm
Grip Length: 13''

What makes me different from other
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