1st Original Pokemon Cards 1-150 Mint! No Reserve

We Have A Near Complete MINT 1st Generation Pokemon Set! This set is missing only 13 of the original cards (listed below). you can find these cards individually on ebay and complete this set.

Missing Cards:














Along with this near complete set will include 2500 additional pokemon cards all first generation (includes 1700 pokemon cards, about 500 trainers, and the rest energys). the 2500 include first editions, 2nd editions,Dark Pokemon,Gym Leader Pokemon,Team Rocket Pokemon, Japanese Cards, I even ran across a french squirtle (i think its french) that i didnt even know i had his name was shiggy. Ive seen sets listed almost exactly like this one for up to $6000. I am offering a no reserve auction for this $6000 dollar capable set. This is your chance to own this set.

-97% of these cards are in mint condition, the other 3% is in very good condition

A list of the Holos:

-Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pidgeot, Raichu, Nidoqueen, Clefairy, Ninetales X3, Wigglytuff X2, Venomoth, Poliwrath X2, Alakazam, Machamp X2, Magnoton, Muk X2, Electrode, Hitmonchan
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