1x Mox Ruby Collectors Edition (BB, square corner); Magic the Gathering, MTG

This is an actual picture of the items from among my collection, not a stock photo. This card is un-played / excellent. Condition is unplayed, but it may have minor box wear from being moved in storage for nearly two decades. I'd call it excellent / near mint.
To reiterate: This auction is for 1x Black Border Mox Ruby printed by WOTC / Carta Mundi. For those unfamiliar with the Collector's Edition, it is black border like BETA, yet has different corners and back. This card is excellent for black border proxies.
Domestic orders only (US). Please use Paypal for payment, and pay within three days of auctions close. Contact me with any questions.
Please check my other auctions for Magic cards and other game items. A discount for combined shipping is usually available @ 50% for each additional item (free shipping items are n/a obviously).
Another note about shipping: I over pack my items. You will receive the item in bubble-wrap or paper cushion; and at least one card sleeve (or two for expensive items). Generally I seal it in a plastic zip bag for rain protection if the item is small enough to fit in a quart or gallon size. I've had items show up on a rainy day, and they get ruined when the simplest precautions would have saved them. So what does this mean? Your purchase is physically protected. I'm not a seller
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