1x YuGiOh Dark Magician - SDY-006 - Ultra Rare - Unlimited Edition Near Mint

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This listing is for a Condition: Near Mint

Dark Magician - SDY-006 - Ultra Rare - Unlimited Edition


v Near Mint (NM) - Card will be Mint or very close to it.

v Lightly Played (LP) - Card will have edge wear and/or small dents, but no major creases.

v Moderately Played/Played (MP/P) - Card will have visible creases, dents and/or edge wear.

v Heavily Played (HP) - Card will noticeable damage such as large creases and/or heavy edge wear.

v Damaged (Da) - Card will be in very played condition, heavy edgewear, large creases, entire card may be played.


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