2.05 Carat Briolite Three Stone Ring $415 - NO RESERVE!

2.05 Carat Vintage Briolite Round Brilliant Three Stone Ring
Certification Included. Appraised at $415

Using a method called Radio Frequency Induction, Briolite was recently developed as a substitute to match natural diamonds in all measurable aesthetic properties. In other words, Briolite looks exactly like a very clean diamond, or your money back!

Briolite even cuts glass, unlike most other diamond stimulants on the market. Cutting glass is a properly most commonly only attributed to natural diamonds. One common test for a real diamond is it's ability to cut glass. Don't buy cheap cubic zirconia (CZ), when you can get something so much more beautiful. If any jeweler can tell the difference between Briolite and a natural diamond, send it back for a full refund within 15 days.

Briolite is only for those who won't settle for anything but the best. Briolite is cut and polished using the exact same process used by European diamond cutters. If you receive your piece of jewelry and don't think it looks exactly like a Flawless D-color diamond, send it back for a full refund. Briolite is under warranty for life, so you'll never need to worry about damages, loss, or insurance. Click for more information on briolite simulated diamonds.

Stone Type Briolite Simulated Diamonds
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