(2) 1960's Japan Anime/Keane-Style Big Eyed Dolls

1960's posable wire-with-cotton-covered-in-nylon bodies, Japanese dolls on stands. These dolls appear to come from a similar manufacturer with one being brunette and the other ash-blonde. Hand-painted faces. Hands are mitten-style on both dolls. Clothing for both dolls is dusty and slightly faded.CONDITION = FAIR/GOOD DETAILS = Brunette doll has some dirt on her nose, micro-tears along her forehead and neck and micro-tears, with discoloration and staining on her legs. Her arms are stained and dirty but no tears. Feet are in faded white stockings and felt "shoes" on pink wooden stand. Ash Blonde doll is in better condition with clean face, no micro-tears on body, but has discoloration and staining on legs. Doll's left hand has light stain near wrist w/no micro-tears on either arm. Feet are in faded white stockings and felt "shoes" on blue wooden stand. Small paper tag with green clover insignia "Made in Japan" on bottom of stand. SELLING COLLECTION - ALL DOLLS SOLD AS-IS, ALL SALES FINAL, NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS. SHIPPING = $8.95 Priority Mail Ship anyw in the U.S. Shipping outside of the U.S. insurance required and costs to be determined.