2.5# Oregonite Jasper rough - 11 pcs

This auction is for 11 uncut chunks of Oregonite Jasper rough weighing a combined 2.5 pounds. Winning bidder will receive the pieces shown. Pictured wet under 4700k SoLux lighting with a white background for reference. All measurements are in inches.

I welcome corrections and any additional information/input related to the rocks sold or my operations.

If you are at all unhappy with your purchase, or feel the item was misrepresented - please contact me right away. My goal is 100% customer satisfaction, which means I intend to stand behind every last rock I sell.

About the Photos: I generally take photos wet to bring the details out to w the camera can catch them, but some pieces will be photographed dry if being wet results in too much glare. I'm not a professional photographer so many photos will not show some details or colors well. I try hard to get the best quality images I can with the equipment I have available. We (Northern Oregon coastal residents) get far more rain/cloudcover than we get sunshine, so full sunlight is usually out of the question. With that in mind I'm making the switch to industry standard SoLux Lighting as its the best light source on the market for accurate color rendering. If a particular rock won't yield a photo which matches the colors in the rock, I will make a notation of
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