Up for bidding are TWO ANTIQUE microscopes + slides. COMPLETE 1] Cable miscroscope. Light green color. Needs two double AA batteries. When you put the batteries in, you need to jiggle with the bottom piece (illuminator) to keep the light on. once it is in it's place the light will stay on until you remove the batteries. Includes ORIGINAL wooden box. Miscroscope is 8 inches long. 3 objective lenses: 75x, 300x, and 600x The wooden box says "No. 105 - Cable 600x Miscroscope Set - Calbe Precision Instrument Company Chicago, Illinois 60610". Made in Japan. Inside includes styrofoam that hold the microscope, a fibre feather kit, 5 untouched slides, 4 cover glasses and 4 blank labels, Canada balsam bottle (dried up?). 2] Red box that says "Compass Slide Preparing Set No. 5993". includes Canada Balsam bottle (dried up?) , 28 slides (unused) and slide covers (which come in a little seperate box). 3] Milben 12 Scientifically Prepared Slides of Assorted Spiders & Disease Carriers - Professional Size 1" x 3" For Young Scientists No. 704. Includes 11: trachea of spider,wing of cockroach, abdomen skin of common fly, skin of spider, leg of cockroach, body scales of poison moth, balancer of common fly, leg of spider, claw and pads of common fly, immature spider, antenna of cockroach. 1 slide is missing. 4] Milben mini miscroscope (5 inches

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