2 antique old distressed wavy bubble glass pane

For sale are 2 pieces of old glass (8 x 7 7/8) (8 x 9 5/16) 1/8 inch thick

This glass is what I call a GRADE #3 antique glass, and are very nice .

I categorize my glass into four (4) grades:

GRADE #4 Glass out of the 1900 to 1930 area. Vintage glass, has waves only and gives a distorted view and has an occasional bubble.

GRADE #3 Glass out of the late 1800's to early 1900's. Has waves with seed sized bubbles and an ocassional larger bubble and or line through it.

GRADE #2 Glass out of the mid 1800's with waves, and or lines, and more distressed than grade 3. Has seed sized bubbles and sometimes rice sized or bigger. Can be cut to desired size without much difficulty .

GRADE #1 Oldest of glass panes, and hardest to find, From the early 1800's or earlier. Has major distress, with bubbles pea sized or larger, and waves and or lines. May vary in thickness from one end of piece to the other. Some pieces may have minor scratching from the old age. Can be hard to cut without breaking.

No two pieces of glass are alike with distress and bubbles, but the older it is the more distressed and deformed it is

Sorry for listing this glass without pictures, photos do not show the distress of bubbles.

I you are not satisfied with the glass you purchased I will refund your money when
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