Antique Oval Top

Mersman Harp End Tables

This auction is for the really great old pair of mahogany lyre stands pictured and described below. This is a great set with highly detailed carvings and a nice finish. I can see no signs of repairs and no damage anyw The stands are both solidly built, sturdy and wobble free. Each has a nice finish free of scratches or chips. Just a real nice eyecatching old set in great ready to use condition. These are guaranteed not to disappoint.

These stands each measure 27" tall. They measure 25" x 18" across the top.

This is a very nice set of investment quality antique furniture guaranteed authentic Mersman furniture.

This is a view of both stands.

This is a view of the tops with a deep patina rich mahogany grain.

This is the top of one. Yes t is a slightly darker spot in the center. Maybe a lamp sat t and the rest faded some.

This is a view of the other stands top.

This is a view of the base of one.

This is a view of the base of the other.

This is a close up of the detailed carvings on the feet and legs.

This is a really dark view of the Lyre form pedestal.

This is a view of the Mersman mark on the bottom of each table.

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